6 Reasons To Choose Corpus Christi Drug Testing Centre

26 December 2020


Drug testing is a crucial part of any workplace policy right from the employment, through the working hours and at the occurrence of certain accidents. Finding the perfect agency for drug testing in Corpus Christi might be a headache if you are not equipped with the right information.

With multitude of options available in the market, you must be confused with the jargon like: onsite drug testing, mobile testing, pre-employment screening, workplace accident screening etc. To make it easy on you, these are all a part of drug testing protocols that are followed at different phases of employment and an employee’s course at the company.

6 Reasons To Choose Corpus Christi Drug Testing Centre

We have compiled a short list of tips to give you the ease of choosing the right drug testing facility for your workplace.

  • It serves the purpose of its name:

Yes, 24/7 Onsite is actually available 24 hours a day. Most companies or workplaces worry about the turnaround time or follow-ups. A drug testing agency is ought to be responsive and that too, quickly. Should the test results be positive, it might take a bit more for them to get back to you.

Another thing you need to consider is the feasibility of collection time. Workplace incidents do not occur at a specific time. One could have erratic schedule and hence no time to fit in the screening test for their employees. With 24/7 Onsite, the collections are made 24*7, any time of the day. This makes it easier for you to conduct on-site testing right at the time of any incident.

  • The process is standardized:

The results of this test can alter the career of an individual. Hence, it is very necessary that accurate results are drawn from the sample. Drug testing Corpus Christi uses accurate measures and the collections follow DOT guidelines.

When a company doesn’t comply with the rules of DOT testing, their own guidelines are followed. This is in the favour of the company as well as the employee to conduct drug testing through standard protocols.

  • Protocols are strict:

In order to assure precise collection and testing, the protocols are set in place. From the very beginning, utter care is taken to ensure proper handling of samples. Collectors are trained individuals who handle each specimen according to the specific protocols and ease the process of testing by doing so. No tampering or alteration is ever allowed throughout the process.

  • Collectors are certified:

As mentioned above, the specimen collectors are trained individuals. They are specially guided and selected through and intricate process. Essential guidelines are followed and that makes this process legitimate. They are also trained according to the current COVID scenario.

  • Guaranteed results:

One cannot rely on inaccurate results when someone’s job is at stake. Hence, 24/7 Onsite relies on certified labs and professionals from collection to results. They also ensure retesting if the results do not come out accurate in the first go.

  • 100% follow ups:

Right from the collection, 24/7 follows through the entire process of testing and generating results. This is something you need to be sure about because handing off specimens to third party agencies can cause a bit of a chaos. You need someone accountable who will make sure the process occurs with 100% integrity and no tampering.


Drug testing at Corpus Christi tx is made easy with 24/7 Onsite drug testing. You do not have to take much effort to conduct drug screening test at your workplace. They are reliable, accurate, and quick to generate results.

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